Becoming a Recipient

You want to ensure your child receives the best nutrition available, and it is an undisputed fact that breast milk is best. The mission of Get PUMPed! is to provide screened, donor breast milk to babies in Central Florida whose biological mothers cannot nurse due to extraordinary circumstances. Some examples of extraordinary circumstances include maternal death, maternal illness requiring treatment which prevents breastfeeding such as chemotherapy, or adoption. To receive donor milk from Get PUMPed!, you must meet the following requirements:
  • Be a resident of Central Florida
  • Complete an Application and be accepted by the Board
  • Sign a Recipient Agreement
Get PUMPed! is staffed completely by volunteers and we do our best to operate leanly, but we do have expenses including donor screening/labwork, marketing to find new donors, as well as unavoidable business expenses such our website, printing, and a phone/fax line. To stay financially solvent and continue serving families, we ask all recipients to contribute financially to Get PUMPed! to help defray expenses. The suggested donation is $1 per five ounces of milk received (or $.20 per ounce), which is comparable to the cost of formula. 100% of this administrative fee is used to further our mission, and each donation is so very appreciated. We are a 501(c)3 organization; please talk with your accountant to see if you might be able to deduct these contributions on your taxes. If you face significant financial hardship, please contact us at to discuss the possibility of a smaller contribution. You may pay by check at each milk pickup (payable to Get PUMPed!) or via the Donate button at the bottom of the page.

Click here to complete a Recipient Application.

1969 S. Alafaya Trail, Suite 157 Orlando FL 32828
Phone: (407) 900-MILK (6455)
Fax: (407) 369-4609