Why is Human Milk So Important?

Some may wonder why it is so important that babies receive human milk. The following articles discuss the science behind breast milk, and some reasons it is superior to any alternative available on the market today. Outcomes of Breastfeeeding versus Formula Feeding

This is an amazing compilation of research from La Leche League International which documents the benefits of breastmilk.

Please watch this short video, which details our mission and why it is so important.

This is Sara, our first recipient. She was 6 weeks old in this picture, and unaware that just days later, her mom would unexpectedly pass away. Suddenly, her widowed father was left to figure out, among other things, how to feed his breastfed infant daughter.One by one, local breastfeeding mothers heard about the tragedy and offered to pump milk for baby Sara. A website was developed, donor screening mechanisms were put into place, and the organization now known as Get PUMPed! was born. Within days, the news spread, and people from around the nation began to help. Mother’s milk tea came in from Oregon. More storage bags came from New York. Breastmilk arrived on dry ice from North Carolina. Parenting groups in Delaware and Illinois undertook major fundraising operations to help this fledgling organization become a bonafide 501(c)(3) so that other families in crisis can be assisted in the future.The media caught wind of what was happening, and suddenly the story was on the local news, CNN, Univision, in several newspapers — it was an amazing community response. In the first month alone, almost 2,000 ounces of milk were collected. Central Florida businesses stepped forward to serve as drop-off locations and national corporations began sending donations such as milk storage bags and herbs to increase milk supply. Several local artisans began selling their products with proceeds going to Get PUMPed!. Local midwives donated services to facilitate labwork. Sara was exclusively breastfed since her mother’s death. Her father knows in his heart that this is what his wife would have wanted.